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Artful Design + Total Business Clarity = Peace of Mind.

It's time your brand works for you.

conjure your inner expertise by weaving your passion, your vision, and your voice into a focused and intuitive brand.
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Showcase your core genius authentically and intuitively by tapping into what makes you unique.

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Look What We Can Accomplish

choose your own branding adventure

Your brand is the beating heart of your business, complete with its own story to tell and visions to fulfill.  A compelling brand identity will connect you with your dream clients directly and empower your business to form those meaningful connections authentically and effortlessly.  When you go through the Mellona Method, you get a holistic branding experience that emphasizes the impact your brand possesses by delving deeper and showcasing the story behind the design.

Branding is more than just a pretty logo and pairing your favorite colors. 

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Our strategy starts with the history of your business and maps out a vision for the future. We work collaboratively to formulate a plan that clarifies your unique business path through homework, analytics, strategy meetings, mindset programming, and visualization practices.  Once the foundation is laid, we create stunningly hand-crafted graphics that are catered to your brand by blending your personal style with the elements that will draw your ideal clients.

The Mellona Method

It’s as sweet as honey.


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Meet the Founder

bianca | lead designer & strategist

Hey there! I'm Bianca: a Type-A, ADHD-having, multi-passionate creative with so many aspirations I've lost count.  I’m enchanted by details, doodles, and dreams.  Living in the Adirondack mountains of Upstate New York, I am unwaveringly committed to sustainability and maintaining an eco-friendly (read: hippie) way of life.  Both my glass jar and vinyl collections number in the hundreds.


As business owners, I’m a firm believer that there is some magic existing within us both.  The entrepreneurial spirit is a powerful force: no one on earth has your exact thoughts, dreams,  and gifts, and I know that tapping into that is the key to your success.   By fusing psychology, strategy, and intuition, I work with creative and conscious entrepreneurs to create captivating narratives, map an intuitive direction, and turn service providers into go-to experts.

Image by Wesley Tingey
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hey there!


“Bianca not only changed my business and created the brand that was stuck in my head, but she changed my life. Seeing my brand come to life gave me confidence that I never knew existed. I am entirely grateful for the experience and the trust that Bianca and I have between us. The way she was able to take the jumbled up words & thoughts out of my head and create such a beautiful brand that stands out warms my heart. She is a blessing.”

Trezelle Morgain

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