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From Business Visioning to Brand Messaging: The Mellona Method strengthens your business from its roots first, allowing your brand to flourish.


A Holistic and Collaborative Approach to Branding

You’re more than a pretty face.
Your brand should be, too.

Let's talk about branding for a moment.  Too often for comfort, branding is viewed as designing a logo, matching colors, and picking a font.  Even highly regarded and talented designers make this mistake!  If you're lucky, they include a pattern and a mockup or two.



The thing is, the visual identity is only one small part of the project, and having the wrong approach to branding can be both irresponsible and unsustainable. Looks alone aren't enough to make a brand successful.  Unless your branding has been created with your target audience's needs in mind, it's destined to fail: a complete waste of your time, energy, and money.

A transformative branding experience that leaves you feeling empowered takes into consideration the power your brand holds by digging deeper and showcasing the story behind the logo. 

Branding isn't just about how your brand looks. It's about how it communicates with its audience. You can make real, genuine connections with your dream clients. Our approach blends your expertise, personality, and services into a comprehensive, yet focused brand strategy and business vision. 

We start with the history of your brand and build towards the future. Through homework, analytics, strategy meetings, mindset programming, and visualization practices we lay the groundwork to create beautifully hand-crafted graphics that are catered to your brand, and formulate a plan for your unique business path.

it's time your brand worked for you and reflected all the love you've poured into it.
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Imagine if you could:

have a clear vision and business strategy in place that defines your path and informs every decision you make, taking the burden of doubt off your shoulders.
never have to question who your audience is, how to communicate with them, or if they’ll be willing to pay your worth.  they're coming right to you.
feel confident that your branding finally reflects you and your business.  it’s not just beautiful, it's based in psychology and strategy; it works!
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The Process


We'll arrange a virtual discovery meeting to learn more about your needs, goals, and expectations.  As soon as you accept your custom proposal, you officially become a member of our family!

visual identity mapping

Pinterest is my jam, and I’m so excited to share a board with you!  We’ll collaborate to create a mood board and visual identity map that speaks to your vision and aligns with what draws your target audience

brand strategy

We'll analyze the patterns and desires of your target market, find your voice, and craft a narrative that will build your audience into a loyal following that converts into clients.

brand design_4x.png
brand design

It’s built with strategy in mind, and it speaks for itself: a shiny new logo suite, color codes, fonts, patterns, illustrations, and marketing materials.  You’ll even receive a comprehensive style guide that walks you through every part of the rebrand.

business visioning

We'll analyze your business from the inside out, optimize processes to streamline your workflow, identify opportunities available to you, define a path to success, and grow your brand consciously.


You’ll come out of the Mellona Method ready to take on the world!  With no stone left unturned, we’ll be dancing in the moonlight until the sun comes up.

For young brands who need strategy

Bouquet Branding

10-12 weeks
investment begins at $6,500
research & discovery

A deep-dive into what makes your brand unique, from your history to your audience to your goals. Discovery via Zoom meetings and client homework.


brand strategy

In-depth and unforgettable, we’ll get clear on who you are and what you do by deep-diving into what makes your brand unique, from your history to your future.  Includes introspective strategy sessions, target audience analysis, statements, archetype, voice, and story.


brand elements

Typeface pairing, color schemes and codes, illustrations for web/social use, and patterns.


logo suite

The face of your brand. Primary and secondary logo, submark, favicon, and signature.


style guide

A guidebook on everything your-brand: how to use your new brand messaging, who you position yourself towards, and your new visual identity. 


marketing materials

Business cards, stationery design, envelopes, and anything else you dream up. (I am a big fan of the classic thank you card)



Realistic rendered images that allow you to envision how your new branding assets can be used.

Moodboard Mockup Freebie.jpg

Garden Branding

12-15 weeks
investment begins at $10,000
bouquet branding +

All the research and branding of the Bouquet branding tier, with a little extra sizzle.

revenue stream workshop

Grow your business with intention or scale back and streamline.  We can create new products or services under your brand, adjust pricing to meet your desired income, or just get back to basics and simplify your offerings.


client experience workshop

From the first hello to the send off, we’ll craft the ideal experience for your clients that’ll have them referring you to their friends and coming back for more.


competitive analysis

By analyzing your direct and indirect competitors, we will uncover areas of opportunity.


internal processes workshop

Simplify the admin work and run your business like an expert.


marketing strategy

Prepare the groundwork for creating a marketing plan that works for your brand.


social butterfly package

Upgrade your feed with easy to use templates and ensure all of your posts are on point.


3 month advising retainer

(Best Value)

Grow with a trusted partner by your side! You’ll have access to bi-weekly check-in meetings, someone to bounce ideas off of, a 24/7 Slack Workspace, and the best accountability partner you’ve ever had.

For brands that need a business overhaul

"'I'm a rather scattered artist, so taking my own work and making a cohesive brand always felt like an unachievable goal. Bianca changed all of that without compromising even the smallest amount of my creative ambition along the way. She was able to work with me through the clutter and pinpoint exactly what I needed to get where I needed to go. I feel so much more empowered to take my work to the next level, all thanks to Bianca's handiwork."

Joseph Thorpe


Turn your
ideas into a

magical reality.

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