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Eco Onyx

Color Palette

Eco Onyx is an eco-conscious home service brand based in Albany, NY, that offers cleaning, decluttering, and organizing services.  They are dedicated to simplifying life for families so they can spend more quality time together, while using products that are trusted by Mother Nature. 


The Big Problem:

In the early days of Trezelle's business, when it was still called Onyx Clean, she contacted me for help.  The brand did not stand out, did not emanate the luxury feel she wanted to convey to clients, and restricted her ability to charge as much as she needed.  Apart from visuals, Trezelle had trouble with pricing, booking, employee experience, and offerings.  Her ideas were brilliant, and her passion seeped through every conversation, but without direction she didn’t know how to get her expertise out to the world.

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Step by step, we broke up the business vision into manageable chunks.  When Trezelle approached me, she already knew exactly who her dream client was, and she knew what story she wanted to tell: we needed to create something that would appeal to eco-conscious moms in the capital region.  We chose natural greens instead of the previously-utilized lime to soothe the eye, create a luxurious feel, and honor nature.  Pink adds a touch of floral femininity.  The bee represents a queen in her hive: Trezelle creates a sense of community with each client she works with.  


After a few clarity sessions, we honed in on more select services that complement what her audience really needed, and separated decluttering from cleaning to make booking easier.  With clearer services and a new brand identity, Trezelle can now price her work competitively and strategically.  Finally, we created a checklist of services for both internal and external structure, eliminating confusion between employees and ensuring clients sign off on services at the end of each project.

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The Result:

“Bianca not only changed my business and created the brand that was stuck in my head, but she changed my life. Seeing my brand come to life gave me confidence that I never knew existed. I am entirely grateful for the experience and the trust that Bianca and I have between us. The way she was able to take the jumbled up words & thoughts out of my head and create such a beautiful brand that stands out warms my heart. She is a blessing.”

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