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Color Palette

During her time as a CPA, Ginger noticed a surprising pattern: women were consistently less financially literate than their male counterparts.  With bookkeeping and accounting not cutting it anymore, she needed a more hands-on approach that would provide women with the tools they needed to become financially independent.  Thus, Ginger was reborn as a Personal Finance Coach.  Ginger works one-on-one with women in order to help them create budgets that work, invest wisely, and achieve their financial goals.


The Big Problem:

In the beginning, we needed to solve two problems at the same time: 1. Traditional financial advice is tailored to men.  2.  Finances are intimidating AND boring.   Both problems lead us to the same answer: we needed to create a strategy that made finances, and Ginger in the process, approachable for everyone.  We needed to create a branding that resonated with Ginger’s clients and was in line with her personality.


We pinpointed Ginger's target audience to find out what their pain points are and how we could connect with them best.  We chose bright bold colors using an orange base to match Ginger’s hair and namesake, but also to show her audience that discussing money doesn't necessarily mean being stuffy.  Ginger is bubbly, and we crafted spunky brand patterns to complement her vibrant energy.  And of course: we created a logomark resembling her face, showcasing to everyone that financial freedom and literacy is even for the girly girls.

Perspective Business Cards MockUp 2 copy.jpg
Branding Identity Mock-Up Vol4 copy.jpg
5073449 copy.jpg

The Result:

"When I started this endeavor, I knew Bianca was who I wanted to go to, bar none.  Working with her was a dream come true, she asked questions that really got me thinking about the way I want to be perceived by the world, and she totally nailed it.  My brand identity perfectly reflects my true identity."

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