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Successful brands have three things in common:

you need a signature offering, a clear goal, a solid plan, and the confidence to see it through. 
that offering needs to be easily understood and communicated.
your brand needs to be presented in a way that speaks directly to your ideal clients in order to attract them.

Whatever stage you're in, we collaborate to develop a  tailored strategy that gets your business where it needs to be, then design a visual story around that groundwork that resonates with your target market.  At the heart of it all, we showcase your expertise and help you create the fairytale brand and lifestyle  you’ve always dreamed of.

All your wildest entrepreneurial dreams are coming true

strategy meets art.  function meets aesthetic.  you meet peace of mind.
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Let's Make it Happen.

Ready for the full experience?

The Mellona Method

investment begins at $6500

An innovative lifestyle branding and business visioning project.   We’ll delve deep into the mind of your target market, weave a narrative that forms connections, develop an action plan that keeps you on track, deliver an unforgettable client experience, and build handcrafted, memorable visuals rooted in psychology, strategy, and a touch of magic.

Perfect for conscious, creative entrepreneurs who are committed to embodying their expertise and undergoing a transformation that will metamorph them into recognized, respected, and admired experts in their field.

"This is the moment I’ve been waiting for:  I’m eager to overhaul my brand from top to bottom in order to showcase my expertise and capabilities."
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On the fence about branding?

The Oracle Audit


A complete, strategic report that analyzes the whole brand, not just the pretty face.

Perfect for younger businesses looking for a clear direction, guidance in multiple areas, and actionable goals.

"I want a second pair of eyes to look at my DIY brand and show me how to take it to the next level before I’m ready to invest in branding."
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The Brand Fantasy Week


A premium VIP experience for service providers strapped for time:

during this 5 day no-nonsense intensive we’ll craft a simple brand

vision to get you on the right path quickly and affordably. The

Brand Fantasy week allows you to set goals, refine your positioning,

identity unique opportunities, create a dreamy client experience,

and give your brand a face list all in five days.


Additional Services

90 Minute Clarity Calls for DIY brands

Day Rate exclusively for retainer clients.

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